A letter to the fine folks that build beauty alongside.  Epistula ad homines bonos qui pulchritudinem simul aedificant

A letter to the fine folks that build beauty alongside. Epistula ad homines bonos qui pulchritudinem simul aedificant

Create a beautiful a detailed English translation for "To translate the provided text into Latin while preserving the specified tone and incorporating the elements you described, here's the translation: Gratias Vobis Valde Ago, Pulcherrimi Hominum Apud Contrado! Non perdam (100 locos designi extra attributos genti gratis, (Platforma Shopify nota, sed non Platforma Pecuniae Contrado) portioni aedificandae.) Ecce blogum hunc, ut intelligentiam meam de inopia venditionum perspicias. Tamen, adhuc exspecto ut vestis "Tea Dress" et res "Kimono" usque ad amplitudinem 7 disponibiles fiant. Quomodo hoc efficiamus? Deliciae, rideo, certe usque ad amplitudinem 7XL meant in "Tea Dress" et rebus "Kimono." Turpissimum est videre societatem quaestionis 'imitare' modos insolescentiae antiquae et venditiones deprimendi. Mirum est eam adhuc inveniri talem penuriam rerum in his cretionibus, quae valde accessibiles sunt, ut dicam, deliciosae. https://riverjadesmithy.com/blogs/news/simply-sassing-a-source-stoic-style-sylvan-sward-sift-sigh-intro-river-jade-smithy-rjs-rjsth-custom-boutique-clothing-at-contrado-and-printful-by-river-jade-smith-travis-doby-huffaker-activewear-cloth-print-made-on-demand Summa, societas mea per sex annos invisibilis erat apud Google, mundum monopolium. Nesciebatis forte nos vivere in tam hoc genere mundo. Ego nesciebam. Non sum persona paranoiae studiosa, quod tempus perdere est. Tamen non poteram intellegere cur nemo quicquam emeret donec mensis Junii ultimi. Paradoxum est quod aliquid erat non recte, sed non volebam vendere donec id correxissem. Apparet, cum quis paginam suam sitemapis ad Google Search Console transmittere, postea 'crawl' tempore in totum tuum textum importare, sed requirit ut scribas manu verbum "sitemap.xml" ad initium ut hoc faciant. Non dicunt quod, si forte per errorem se ipse vel programma grammaticum capitale quid inserat, dicamus ad initium, solum verbum quod scribere potes, quod fateor esse quod grammatica capitalizationis in programmata anglica facere debent. Apparet, si hoc eveniat, non dicunt tibi. Certo, potes multas horas consumere apud Shopify Google Sales Channel et numquam haec tibi dicentur. Adhuc non es inquisitus ab monopolio. Sed hoc est caput, alii monopolia pauci, ut Bing ex Microsoft, non videntur ipsi percurrere rete, sed inspiciunt quae Google fecit. Bonum tamen est quod pagina mei magnitudinis omnino a Goofle circumeunda est post circiter 18 menses. Evviva! Nunc scio quid impedimento fuit et nunc incipio cum ads in Pinterest."

To translate the provided text into English, maintaining the specified tone and incorporating the elements you described, here's the translation:

Translating the Given Text into English

I sincerely thank you, wonderful people at Contrado! I won't lose (100 design slots provided for free to the common folk, a known platform Shopify, but not Contrado's payment platform) designated for construction. Behold this blog, so you can understand my sales' scarcity.

Yet, I still anticipate that "Tea Dress" and "Kimono" garments become available up to size 7. How do we make this happen?

My apologies, I chuckled, indeed meant up to size 7XL for the "Tea Dress" and "Kimono" items. It's truly distressing to see a society 'mimicking' the outdated modes of old-fashioned fashion and diminishing sales. It's remarkable that such a shortage still exists in these creations, which are highly accessible and, dare I say, delightful.


In summary, my company remained invisible to Google, the global monopoly, for six years. You might not have known that we live in such a world. I didn't. I'm not a person inclined to paranoia because it's a time-waster. However, I couldn't understand why no one bought anything until this past June. It's paradoxical that something wasn't right, but I didn't want to advertise until I rectified it. It appears that when one submits their webpage's sitemap to Google Search Console, it will, over time, "crawl" to import your entire content. Still, it requires manually typing the word "sitemap.xml" at the beginning for them to do this. They don't tell you that, if by any chance, you or a grammar program inserts a capital letter somewhere along the way, let's say, at the very start, which I must admit is what English grammar programs tend to do as it follows English grammar rules, I suppose. It seems that if this occurs, they don't inform you. Of course, you can spend countless hours on the Shopify Google Sales Channel, and they won't tell you this. You still remain unsearchable by the monopoly. And here's the catch: other few monopolies like Bing from Microsoft don't seem to crawl the web themselves; they just observe what Google did. The good news, though, is that a website of my size will be entirely crawled by Google in about 18 months. Hooray! I now understand what the hindrance was and am starting advertising on Pinterest.

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