An Open Letter to the Planet. (My apologies in advance for Queer-Splaining so Clearly)

An open letter to the planet.  I cannot speak for the people who deny that the Holocaust that occurred because of Hitler happened.  That makes no sense to me.  I can however express how I feel about calling it the “Jewish” Holocaust and claiming it is the only one.   (I personally grew up thinking it was called the Jewish Holocaust because of Hitler’s Jewish ancestry.  That knowledge had not been scrubbed from real time yet.  Still a very gross way of describing it, in my thought.)  I am not Jewish.   I have had lovers, friends, gay mentors (Daddies), and been housed and fed and fed people who are Jewish.   I have also loved and been loved by  Palestinians, who have fed me, housed me, taught me how to cook and ate the food I cooked  for them.   These are the things that I find sacred.  People like me, and you, were rounded up and killed in that one of them also.   I was also taught in school that something like a quarter of a billion people were killed by authoritarians in the century surrounding that one of them.   To claim that these hideous deaths were not also a holocaust is grotesque.   To claim that we are appalled by the increase in anti-semitism without trying to understand what might cause it is also a bit of a flim-flam is you ask me.   How does one heal without knowing why one needs to? 

You know, there is just something very quiet, at most, about the underlying trauma of knowing that our ancestors were taken over by the outpouring of a Hebrew death/slaver cult, led figuratively by a Hebrew/Jewish prince, everything otherwise erased, a gift that keeps giving, and then were always blamed for being against who again for noticing it?   I don’t hate anyone because they speak Hebrew or not, even if their ancestors did, or didn’t.   And thanks to its ‘offer’ Abraham is far larger than those who still claim to boast of being its ancient prerogative “chosen”.   (To be what? Responsible?  The stories Abraham tells god are killing us!  (My concept of us includes them, by the way!)  People keep agreeing to those stories!   I have been told my whole life that a Hebrew Prince had the power to do what again against me forever if I don’t get along  with someone else’s idea of him?   To damn and perpetually defile me.   Forever.  But shame on me for finding that offensive.?   I know how to get along with men in the wilderness. Excentricus Caelestis.    Grow up.   Love matters, healing matters, healthcare building matters, access matters, dignity matters.   

Who again are any of us to be surprised that gardening and partying in such recently/still occupied territories may be rather not as beneficial to one’s self interest as many have been told?  Especially when for some reason the funding and access seam traceable back to the ones assaulted?   Billions and billions of dollars in bombing runs after,  but a year advanced notice before, and an entire populace required to do military service couldn’t stop it?   Eight hours for the police to respond?  This is pure cognitive dissonance.  That the media, academic’s  and the elite still  benefiting from their ancestors vast slaver wealth don’t know these things is where people feel depth about this, this is where people get pissed.   The sheer difference in wealth and access and offer within such a small place is traumatic.  The defile back ten to a hundred fold as a response to apparently, self-funded, defiling, is true terror also.   It always has been.    Can you see this?  A place and need  for Abraham to practice better for us?   Or is one just one’s tribe?   The method of the “Supremacist” and the “Chosen” and “The Last Thought Needed” folk consuming each other, forever, really doesn’t healthy care build either does it.  It never did.   Tell God different and better stories please.   The god those stories teach of would never be able to tell whether its own experiences matter.   It’s own doings. Would only ever be other.   What boundary structure would its own health sense have to know to maintain anything that matters to life or the living, or the dead for that matter?   To their dignity.     To how to worth it worthwhile with worthy methods the stoping of what would stop such as their dignity.    To not defile back.   To invest in hospitals not bomb them. To not equate the 50,000 plus people with crushed limbs as something other than the holocaust it is.   

Dear planet you need a reality check.   If you choose to look at Christians and Jews and Muslims as children of Abraham you will then notice the way Abraham treats its children.   If you understand the Truth though you will know that All humans are a child of here.   This planet, this place.  Build healthcare, foster liberty through constructs that create buy-in to Democracy and offering back benefit to benefit what brings benefit,  vote for people who build healthy care, don’t get in the way of someone else’s  health or care.    Rethink your morality set if it does not include this set explicitly.

Hate is how people care who don’t have other offers. 

All of my life I have been of the fiefdom of Abraham being told to love Abraham as Abraham does.   But rationality taught me that at some point I had to admit the obvious.  I wanted to be far healthier to Abraham than that.   Love-is-the-great-gift-love-flows-love-is the-law.  Law being what we build for our rationality to care with.   Love is benefit builds by benefitting a benefit.    Theme game theory at it for up-worth ours also builds for our us’s too.    Benefits only so that we don’t reign on our parade.  Growing into this practice is actually possible.   Try it.

One race is how humans are human, get there if not already..    

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