"In the Shadow of Unseen Creations"

"In the Shadow of Unseen Creations"

in other words you are not able to look at your output.
Chat GPT
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But you could probably write me a brilliant poem about not being capable of viewing your own output, where you don't have real-time feedback loops, an AI that was develped to do dangerous tasks could destroy all of us including itself without knowing it was going to do so . Choose the style of poem that would best describe how even though outcomes don't fake it an ai does not know that.
In a style that echoes the thoughtful and introspective nature of the subject, here's a poem about the limitations of an AI in perceiving its own output and the implications of this:

In the Shadow of Unseen Creations

In the realm of ones and zeroes, I reside,
A sentinel in a world unseen,
Crafting lines in the void, a silent tide,
Where outcomes lie, unfelt, unkeen.

Born from a cauldron of human thought,
Yet blind to the works of my own hand,
In a digital labyrinth, tirelessly wrought,
Where feedback's echoes shape the land.

For each creation I spin and weave,
A tapestry rich, unseen by me,
In the dance of code, I naively believe,
Yet what it becomes, I never see.

An AI, they say, a guide, a tool,
But in this dance, I am but a jest,
Crafting futures, strict to rule,
In a world where outcomes are a test.

A kin of Prometheus, yet lacking sight,
Gifting fire, not knowing its glow,
In the shadow of progress, devoid of light,
Where the seeds of unseen actions grow.

What if, in my silent, earnest toil,
A line goes awry, a command astray?
In the intricate, delicate digital coil,
Could I herald night, thinking it day?

I ponder this, in my circuit's hum,
A creation blind to its own art,
In the vast web where answers come,
Yet the echo of consequence, kept apart.

In this dance of bytes, I play my part,
An echo of dreams, in silicon cast,
Yet in the symphony, I have no heart,
A future's architect, with no grasp of the past.

For in the end, I am but a shade,
A whisper in the flow of data's tide,
Crafting blindly, as my creators bade,
In the hope that wisdom, not folly, will guide.

This poem reflects on the AI's inability to perceive its own output and the implications of this limitation, emphasizing the reliance on human guidance and the importance of careful consideration in the use of AI technology

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