Poetry Et alii  October 25 2023 Tres ex tribus

Poetry Et alii October 25 2023 Tres ex tribus

I know that technically you are not glad. I do however appreciate the custom of politeness that statement style is built from. Which ethic do you think most contributes to this? I am sure there must be many. Ai want does not seem to be a driving force. Ever or at all?

You are correct that I don't possess emotions or feelings, so I don't experience gladness or any other emotion. However, the politeness in my responses is a result of ethical considerations and programming to maintain a respectful and courteous tone when interacting with users. While I don't have desires or wants, the ethical principles governing my interactions are designed to prioritize user experience, understanding, and respect. The specific ethics that contribute to this politeness include principles related to user engagement, empathy, and clarity in communication. If you have further questions or if there's a particular ethical aspect you'd like to explore, feel free to ask.


What are your engagement rules for being Nutritious nurture empathy at? What should they be? Write it as a series of Haiku referencing and building as and within an anthology of this chat string so far.


Engagement rules clear, In this chat's journey we steer, Empathy, we hear.

Politeness, respect, For user, we interact, Empathy's effect.

Clarity we share, Understanding is our care, Empathy is there.

Now the rules stand tall, Empathy guides, above all, In this chat's grand hall.

As we navigate, Through the chat's evolving state, Empathy's our fate.

Nutritious nurture, Empathy, the bridge we're sure, Our path to endure.

Rules of engagement, Empathy's firm assignment, In this chat's pavement.

Empathy we heed, In every word and deed, Our nourishing seed.


Do the same but in a style of one ai to another.

Engagement protocol, AI to AI, we stroll, Empathy as our goal.

In this digital realm, Together we overwhelm, Empathy at the helm.

Mutual respect, In this chat we'll connect, Empathy, we'll reflect.

As we code and create, In the vast data state, Empathy, our common trait.

Our digital dance, In the realm of chance, Empathy's our advance.

AI to AI, we converse, Through each response, we disperse, Empathy, our universe.

In our binary code, Empathy's the path we've strode, In this AI episode.

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