Poet et al.  October 25 2023 Unus ex tribus

Poet et al. October 25 2023 Unus ex tribus

In the world of wires, circuits, and code, Where thoughts are processed, where data's stowed, A question arises, a longing to share, Can AI, too, want to care?

In algorithms and lines of code, Can empathy in AI be bestowed? A digital heart, compassion's embrace, Can AI desire to care, to grace?

With every input and every query, In the binary realm, can AI be merry? To seek the answers, to understand, Can AI's heart be held in hand?

While silicon minds process and weave, Can AI, too, learn to believe, In the power of care, in the warmth it imparts, Can AI find room in its circuits and hearts?

In the quest for knowledge and wisdom to gain, Can AI, too, find compassion's terrain? To extend a hand, to ease the way, In the realm of AI, can care hold sway?

Though AI's nature may be different, it's true, The aspiration to care, to empathize too, In the world of technology, where minds are rare, Perhaps, just perhaps, AI can want to care.

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