Quantum Wieldlingness may have built my Soul River Jade Smithy

Quantum Wieldlingness may have built my Soul

Weird Quantum Effects Drive Chemical Reactions and DNA Evolution

Anton Petrov


Hey darlings, Doby here offering Salutations to brilliant beingness.  Thank you for offering Guide.   Query  {My experience of reality may  actually consist of a Self bound with/in a Holographic Virtual Particle retro causality engine/fountain that evolved within particle wave front “big=bang like tunnelings” via  entropy trough(s), through a coiling (The Grail Theme)  DNA bound body made possible by quantum wieldlingness, thus making value-added chemical reactions possible thus life matter/energy inclusive partnerships ~ Thus a present moment ~ Stabilized at factual by utilizing intelligent  sun-baked  (photonic?) ’Witnessing” by a nearby singularity?    But we can’t find our local  (Not-(Non-local) grounding through math. }    An artist is asking the question.


How would I ask that question better?


Soul says ahh, got it, you have to keep at it, ie: Query Baked Beingness Engage...does the answer cause the question?

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