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Amongst the Radical Fae of this ark, the act of hissing at someone is seen and given as an act of encouragement, to keep being brilliant.   SSSS.  a very powerful experience with a group as one might imagine.

A spattering of SSSS have been with my horizon as of Late.   The Sylvan Sward Sift Sighs as emerging seen sorted on our swimsuit Trunk series, celebrate the way a single source tumbling through time can build art arks that walk sourced with simply enough.   A sift sigh hope offer out loud,


A recount of a recent conversation with the Google-At-Payless-People level of self-help-flung-at-a-no-reply-bot-.

Sitemap.Xml Vs. Sitemap.Xml At Google Search Console

New Member.  (a Note from the blog talk guy, 6 years, 6 years paying shopify to consider me a new member, always.   Kind of fresh.)

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 10m ago

(You may see that there is a capital X S and whatnot above in the Subject,  I assure you I did not do that myself,  Shopify did that after I uploaded my question,  I originally put the subject as.  "Sitemap.xml vs. sitemap.xml at Google Search Console").       Horror!  laughter echoes.

When I joined Shopify six years ago I followed all of the instructions to the letter, or so I thought.  I verified my site with Google and connected it as I was told.   Nothing happened.  In the six years I have been developing my art product I have spent scores and scores of hours filling out at Shopify the Google market tags, added the Google Sales Channel, joined the Google Merchant, offered my original work, and now scaled print-on-demand products, etc.   Nothing.  I have never had a sale from someone I did not send to my web page myself.   I knew something in my head was wary@what-the-fuck, but, having had many of the powers of invisibility inherited to me by real time corporate pacing elsewhere.  I just lol.   Long story shorted out,  scores and scores of conversations with the Shopify experts and tiny tiny interactions with Google merchant account folk led to nothing.   

Only a few days ago did we (Jonel, at Shopify Support, you deserve a medal!) find out why I had spent the last six years invisible to the planet and not knowing why, other than the usual...   An hour and a half into a delightful return the favor chat with a Shopify Support Staff,   I discovered the Oh-The-Fuck moment at a Google Search Console interaction.

Here is the place i had visited six years ago to verify that I owned River Jade Smithy.     Google will only allow you to put one phrase in that space.  One.  It will however, allow you to get it wrong.    How do I know this, there is also present blurbage stating clearly that A Capital S here will INDEED-FUCK-YOU-OVER.    Oh Shit.

In the site where one connects one's sitemap to Google at Google Search console the following spelling had been used.   "Sitemap.xml".   Oh, and Wow.   It was exactly right to the letter, just not to the letter case.   Blocked by a capital S.   This company, Google, wants to offer us AI..... and they couldn't even tell me THat I HaD A CaPitaLIZation ProBLEm blocking them from looking at my website sitemap.....even though I was hundreds of hours into the Google Sales Channel product tabs and some bits of time to the tiny tiny interactions with Google Merchant and also verified by Google Search Console.   How doesn't this happen?  Oh yeah, you didn't pay it cash, you just supplied it with not-equity-building information gleaned from every moment....    

I am one person and crave to have been interfacing with an expert at any of it oh google.  I find it much more empowering to think I made this miStake myself, alas@the-fuck-did-I?w/who-the-fuck-builds-that-type-of-shit?   And before you say that maybe no one likes JADE please go to my web page...  

Where else is a single letter case block/dropping my reality?  Has this happened to you?


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