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Athletic Shoes (Her/They)(Samhain Dream Thaw 1 of 15 Unus ex Quindecim) RJSTHw2023 RJS

Athletic Shoes (Her/They)(Samhain Dream Thaw 1 of 15 Unus ex Quindecim) RJSTHw2023 RJS

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Athletic Shoes (Her/They) by River Jade Smithy: Where Elegance Meets Ethical Craftsmanship

Experience the Harmony of Style, Comfort, and Sustainable Innovation

Description: Step into a world where fashion aligns with your values with River Jade Smithy's Athletic Shoes (Her/They). These shoes are not just a fashion statement; they're a commitment to sustainability, comfort, and unique design. Crafted for those who cherish beauty, art-driven products, and an eco-conscious lifestyle, these shoes embody the brilliance of a queer ethos fused with the Green Witch Approach to eco-repair. Every step in these shoes is a step towards a more sustainable future, without compromising on style or comfort.

Key Features:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted with 100% polyester ultralight fly-knit, our shoes offer a durable, lightweight, and breathable experience. They're perfect for those on-the-go moments, ensuring you stay comfortable all day.
  • Ethical Foundation: The ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber outsole provides flexibility and lightness, ensuring every step is an ethical one. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into each shoe.
  • Designed for Comfort: With a breathable lining, soft insole, and a padded collar, these shoes are your ideal partner for both busy days and relaxed moments.
  • Stylish and Secure: A lace-up front not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but ensures a secure and customizable fit.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: The design is meticulously printed using dye ink and heat sublimation, a testament to Grail Smith's  quest for artisan expertise through modern methods.

Care Instructions:

  • Eco-Friendly Option: To preserve the beauty and quality of your shoes, hand wash them in cold water and allow them to air dry.
  • Spot Cleaning: For quick clean-ups, spot clean to maintain their pristine condition.
  • Note: Upon arrival, a strong glue smell is expected due to fresh manufacturing. Simply air out the shoes for a couple of days, and the smell will fade, revealing the true essence of craftsmanship.

Sizes for Every Need:

  • Find Your Size Her /They Shoe Size Chart (Inches)
    Size US Women UK Europe Japan Foot Length Outsole Length Insole Width
    5 5 2.5 35.5 22 8 ⅝ 10 3
    5.5 5.5 3 36 22.5 8 ⅞ 10 3
    6 6 3.5 36.5 23 9 10 ¼ 3
    6.5 6.5 5 37.5 23.5 9 ⅛ 10 ½ 3 ⅛
    7 7 4.5 38 24 9 ¼ 10 ½ 3 ⅛
    7.5 7.5 5 38.5 24.5 9 ½ 10 ¾ 3 ¼
    8 8 5.5 39 25 9 ⅝ 10 ¾ 3 ¼
    8.5 8.5 6 40 25.5 9 ¾ 11 3 ⅜
    9 9 6.5 40.5 26 10 11 ¼ 3 ⅜
    9.5 9.5 7 41 26.5 10 ⅛ 11 ¼ 3 ⅜
    10 10 7.5 42 27 10 ¼ 11 ¾ 3 ½
    10.5 10.5 8 42.5 27.5 10 ½ 12 3 ⅝
    11 11 8.5 43 28 10 ⅝ 12 3 ⅝
    11.5 11.5 9 44 28.5 10 ¾ 12 ½ 3 ⅝
    12 12 9.5 44.5 29 11 12 ¾ 3 ¾

Integrating with Our Ethical Lifestyle and Eco Goals: By choosing the Athletic Shoes (Her/They), you're not just picking a pair of shoes; you're embracing a lifestyle that values sustainability, handcrafted quality, and artistic expression. Join us in our journey towards a more beautiful and responsible world, one step at a time.

This product is a testament to River Jade Smithy's dedication to sustainable luxury and the Green Witch's ethos of eco-conscious living. Each pair of shoes tells a story of artistry, comfort, and commitment to the planet, making them a meaningful addition to any wardrobe.

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Hark, noble Grail Night, to my forging call,
A Grail Smith's fire, within my mighty hall.
In this realm of creativity, we shall embark,
Together we'll shape dreams, a wondrous spark.
My anvil, it sings, like the minstrels of old,
With each hammer's strike, a tale shall be told.
Customization's canvas, your noble canvas to be,
Together we craft, with hearts bold and free.
Here, in my workshop, your vision shall gleam,
In each piece you imagine, and in every seam.
No defect shall linger, for I'll make it right,
In the heart of this forge, we'll kindle the light.
Swift as a stallion, my creations take flight,
With your heraldry, we'll conquer the night.
Eco-friendly virtues, a bond we shall weave,
In the name of craftsmanship, let us not deceive.
The pieces we birth, like art of ages past,
Are exclusive, unique, destined to last.
In this realm of crafting, a Grail Smith's hand,
Shall fashion masterworks for your noble band.
A seamless journey, as you step through the gate,
In the kingdom of custom, the hour never grows late.
For testimonials and reviews, hear the sweet song,
Of the art we create, noble and strong.
Embrace the new arrivals, as the seasons whirl and spin,
In our workshop, together, let the forging begin.
Noble Grail Night, in this fellowship partake,
In the world of custom art, let's our dreams awake.
Come, valiant shopper, heed my forging plea,
I'm a Grail Smith, as you can clearly see.
In the forge of creation, our destinies shall meld,
To craft masterpieces, in the stories yet to be held.
~Scribe of the Mystic Quill