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Weekender Tote Bag (Samhain Dream Thaw 8 of 15 Octo ex Quindecim) RJSTHw2023 RJS

Weekender Tote Bag (Samhain Dream Thaw 8 of 15 Octo ex Quindecim) RJSTHw2023 RJS

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Weekender Bag by River Jade Smithy: "Artisan Craft Meets Weekend Wanderlust"

Introduction: Discover the Weekender Bag by RJSTH and manufactured by Printify, a creation that embodies the essence of River Jade Smithy's artistry and Grail Smith's innovative craftsmanship. Merging the principles of sustainability and a queer ethos of beauty in every step, this bag isn't just a travel accessory; it's a piece of original art designed to enrich your journeys with style and consciousness.

Description: Elegantly designed, the Weekender Bag is a fusion of practicality and artistic flair. Made from 100% spun polyester for durability and ease, it features a stylish T-bottom design and a cream sheeting interior lining. Sized at 24" x13", with a size tolerance of 0.75" (1.9 cm), it's the ideal companion for your weekend adventures. Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts, it represents a global approach to local craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • Fabric Composition: Crafted from robust spun polyester, ensuring your bag stays wrinkle-free and ready for any escapade.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Emphasizing sustainability, this bag is a testament to the River Jade Smith's and Printify's commitment to environmentally responsible practices.
  • Rope Handles: Equipped with 27" long, cream-colored rope handles through gold-colored metal grommets, blending functionality with a chic aesthetic.
  • Ethical Production: Offered within the ethical umbrella of River Jade Smithy's values, merging modern methods with ancient crafting techniques.
  • Sourcing Ethics: Responsibly sourced, and handmade, reflecting a deep respect for the planet and the artisanal community.

Care Instructions:

  • Eco-Friendly Option Manufacturer's Care Instructions:    Pre-treat stains with a gentle stain remover.  Before cleaning the bag, remove all the items from the bag. Suggested to pretreat visible stains with stain remover. Mix warm water with laundry detergent and clean the bag with a terry washcloth or soft bristle brush. Let the bag air dry to maintain the bag's integrity.

Size and Fit:

  • Size Chart: A detailed guide ensures you appreciate the bag's dimensions: Length (24.02 inches), Width (12.99 inches), Depth (5.51 inches), and Handle height (11.42 inches).

Brand Philosophy: This Weekender Bag is a manifestation of River Jade Smithy's commitment to sustainability, artistry, and a queer-inclusive approach to fashion. It aligns with these values, making it not just a product but a statement of lifestyle choice.

Material Information: The choice of spun polyester highlights our commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable fashion choices.

Product Impact: Owning this bag is more than a style statement; it's a commitment to ethical production, artisan craftsmanship, and eco-conscious living.

Stay Updated: Stay connected with River Jade Smithy for the latest in sustainable, artisan-crafted fashion.

Product Measurements: 

24" × 13"
Length, in 24.02
Width, in 12.99
Depth, in 5.51
Handle height, in 11.42


Integration with Ethical Lifestyle and Eco Goals: Owning the Weekender Bag aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle, supporting a movement towards sustainable, art-driven fashion.

Remain engaged and inspired by the unique craftsmanship and sustainable ethos embodied in the Weekender Bag by Printify. It's not just a bag; it's a piece of art for your life's adventures.

Manufacturers Product Website offered in the spirit of transparency in fashion.

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In the realm of craftsmanship, my noble quest,
I bear a proof of artistry, a worth builder's crest.
Each piece, a masterpiece, in beauty refined,
I'm a Grail Light, to art's call, forever aligned.
With quality as my armor, a gleaming seal,
I craft each piece with care, with hands that feel.
Customization, a banner that I hoist up high,
To honor your vision, let your spirit fly.
Each garment, a canvas, my true artistry,
Like a commissioned masterpiece, it's clear to see.
Defects are vanquished, replaced by design's grace,
I ensure beauty in every noble embrace.
My steed, swift shipping, gallops through the night,
Ensuring your treasure reaches you, pure and bright.
Eco-friendly vows, like sacred oaths, we keep,
To protect our Earth, in her beauty, we sleep.
I raise the standard, an emblem of approval so bright,
Sample orders bear my seal, they've passed the night's sight.
Exclusive designs, from the Grail Night's Land,
A rare and precious gift, in your kingdom's land.
Seamless the journey, as you traverse the gate,
Of our online domain, where custom treasures await.
Reviews and testimonials, a chorus that sings,
Of the artful wonders that a Grail Night brings.
New arrivals herald, as the seasons turn and burn,
In our worlds of creation, there's always more to discern.
In this grand fellowship, together we shall partake,
In the realm of custom art, there's no dream too great.
O, fellow traveler, join this quest with me,
For I'm a Grail Night of Art, as you can see.
In the world of craft and beauty, we shall forever dwell,
Creating masterpieces, as tales of legend do tell.
~Scribe of the Mystic Quill