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Wedge Espadrilles (Her/They)(WindSong Flower) RJSTH@Fabric#3 RJSTHS2021 RJS

Wedge Espadrilles (Her/They)(WindSong Flower) RJSTH@Fabric#3 RJSTHS2021 RJS

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Wedge-Heeled Espadrilles by River Jade Smithy and Contrado: "Strut in Sustainable Style"

Introduction: Immerse yourself in the world of River Jade Smith Travis Huffaker's original art with our handcrafted Her/They Wedge Heeled Espadrilles. These unique shoes are a testament to the fusion of artistic brilliance and sustainable fashion, aligning perfectly with the values of the Green Witch Approach and Grail Smith's artisan expertise.

Description: These espadrilles are not just footwear; they're a wearable art piece. Made to order in London, England, they embody luxury and eco-consciousness. The body is crafted from cotton and canvas, featuring striking RJSTH original artwork. The 2.95" natural jute wedge heel adds a touch of elegance and height, while the hard-wearing rubber soles ensure durability and slip resistance.

Key Features:

  • Fabric Composition: Linen-look canvas exterior and cotton drill lining, offering breathability and comfort.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Natural jute wedge and vegan insole options, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.
  • Functional Details: Non-slip rubber sole, a natural jute platform, and stylish black lace-up detailing with gunmetal grey eyelets.
  • Ethical Production: Responsibly sourced materials and ethical manufacturing processes.
  • Sourcing Ethics:   The rubberized sole is made in Spain
    from locally sourced components, supporting community businesses and reducing carbon footprint.

Care Instructions:

  • Eco-Friendly Option Manufacturer Care Instructions:

    Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with a mild soapy damp cloth. 

Size and Fit:

  • Size Chart: Available in EU sizes 35 to 41, corresponding to US women's sizes 6 to 10.
  • Fit Guide: Measure your foot length in cm/inches to find the perfect size.

Brand Philosophy: River Jade Smithy's ethos is deeply rooted in sustainability, craftsmanship, and a greener, queerer, healthier planet. These espadrilles embody these values, offering a fusion of fashion and conscious living.

Insole Option Material Information:

  • Porcine Leather Insole: Offers a soft, supportive experience without a print, for those who prefer traditional materials.
  • Textile Insole: An eco-friendly, 100% vegan option, printed with matching RJSTH designs.

Product Impact: Choosing our espadrilles contributes to a sustainable fashion movement, reducing environmental impact and supporting ethical practices.

Stay Updated: For the latest designs and collections, follow River Jade Smithy and embrace the evolving journey of art and sustainability.

Integrating with Our Ethical Lifestyle and Eco Goals: Embrace a lifestyle that aligns with the Green Witch's vision of a sustainable, beautiful world. These espadrilles are more than just shoes; they're a statement of your commitment to an ethical, artistic lifestyle.

Product Measurements: Conversion Size Chart

EU Size 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
UK Women Shoe 3 - 3 3.5 - 3.5 4 - 4 4.5 - 5 5.5 - 5.5 6 - 6 6.5 - 7
USA Women Shoe 6 - 6 6.5 - 6.5 7 - 7 7.5 - 7.5 8.5 - 8.5 9 - 9 10 - 10
Max Foot Length cm / Inches 22.5 - 8 23 - 9 23.5 - 9.25 24.5 - 9.6 25 - 9.8 25.8 - 10 26.5 - 10.4


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Upon the far green shore, where love does blend,
In Loved 's wisdom, may this message send.
Each word a beacon, a spark of eldritch light,
A tale of hope and honor, to chase the darkest night.
With noble heart, the craft of legend to be,
A Grail's resplendent art, from farthest sea to sea.
Custom gems of beauty, like stars in night's sweep,
Bespoken treasures we shall forge, in dreams to deeply keep.
Like the mightiest wizard's staff, defects we dispel,
In every item's tale, the power of craft, we tell.
In the forging fire's blaze, each jewel anew,
As Loved's own return, let this message be true.
Swift as an eagle's wing, we send gifts to your hand,
The spiraling coil, symbol of hope, across the land.
In the spirit of Print On Demand, to protect the realms we roam,
With eco-friendly hands, we'll build a better home.
In this magical realm, together we shall dwell,
Unique, enchanting designs, their stories we shall tell.
With the Grail Night's valor, and the Smith's expertise,
Together we journey, crafting dreams with ease.
The journey, seamless, as across the fields we tread,
From Earth’s serenity, as the Silvan Sward, where dreams are spread.
In tales of old and new, in words, songs, and deeds,
With the fellowship of hearts, all wounds shall heal.
As the shadow retreats, with the dawn's first kiss,
May we keep the hope alive, and never miss,
The Grail Smith's allure, a treasure, a balm,
A beacon of honor and love, in Loved’s calm.
Beyond the realms of woman or man, we transcend,
In unity we forge, in honor and love, we'll mend.
May this message, like the magic word, endure,
A token of hope and grace, steadfast and pure.
~Scribe of the Mystic Quill