Butterfly Glade ~ Gardens of Agreement by RJSTH ~ River Jade Smith Travis (Doby) Huffaker

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by River Jade Smith Travis~Doby {Dreams of Beauty}~Huffaker

also introduced as Doby Walks In Beauty among my Radical Faerie@Green Witch@Loved kith & kin.

I identify as a romano-britt-pict/non-signers-on/off-the-Mayflower/descended/American/mormon/queer/gay/male/


outsider@Artisan/western/folk artist/Green Witch~Grail Smith@green

witch lol......

Offering High Tech


Luxury Good

Print on Demand


built on demand by Professional Craft Persons around the World.

Featuring the printed colors of My Original Art, beauty proofs, myths, Alchemies@origins, true@real depth colorings* cast up out from the earths flare for beauty at coil and clay and copper and glass and stone and fire @ copper @ silver smith, hammer and cast, coiled ceramic and raku glass, EyeMage~image~smithied fabrics, Green Earth builds and factu-Fables worthed/w/an Iron Rod Wrought Mentat Plinth@FabricCreates Vent. Handmade on Demand, Bespoke, Clothing and Accessories, Deluxe Leather Goods, Fine Art. Handmade Furniture. All by professional craft artisans. A VALUE ADDED OFFERING Featuring Original Artwork by River Jade Smith Travis (Doby) Huffaker. For your ongoing love of Beauty.

*True@Real Depth Coloring comes from photo quality print depth proofs that build a liquid harmonic color that plays very well with the modulating harmony of the changing sunlight or your LED light source ~ Also Known As ~ rose blush jades flareing fierce orange under pink light, etc...

Organic Intelligence: Is it possible that retrocausality is experienced and built as present moment, (virtual)ly holographic, agreement, and causality, as the Big bang (troughs) entropy direction (directive) we are hitched to? Elements, Photons, etc's.? An artist is asking the question; how would you better ask the question? Artificial Intelligence AI (Does not govern nor offer feedback loops to it's own data stacks, but then again, who does;-,) response.... AI.... a possible alternative phrasing for your question could be:"Is it conceivable that retrocausality contributes to the construction of our present moment, forming a holographic agreement, while causality, exemplified by the entropy direction from the Big Bang, governs our temporal journey? How might this interplay relate to fundamental elements, such as photons, within the universe? An artist contemplates the intricate dynamics of time and causation." This rephrasing maintains the core concepts while offering a slightly more structured and detailed approach to the question.