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T-Shirt (Virilis)(Rind#1 Tree Link) RJSTH@Fabric#1 RJSTHw2022 RJS

T-Shirt (Virilis)(Rind#1 Tree Link) RJSTH@Fabric#1 RJSTHw2022 RJS

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T-Shirt (Virilis) by River Jade Smithy and Contrado in London England: "Comfort with a Conscience"

Introduction: Embrace a blend of comfort, style, and eco-conscious living with the River Jade Smithy T-Shirt. This isn't just a garment; it's a statement of sustainable fashion, crafted with the heart of artistry and the soul of environmental responsibility. A perfect fit for those who appreciate the beauty of hand-crafted, art-driven products.

Product History:

  • Origin and Evolution: The long-sleeve T-shirt, tracing its roots to the 19th century, evolved from a simple undergarment to a staple in modern wardrobes. River Jade Smithy has reimagined this classic with an artistic twist.
  • Developmental Milestones: From its military origins to a fashion essential, this T-shirt has seen various design iterations. Our version marries traditional comfort with modern, sustainable practices.
  • Brand's Involvement: Guided by Grail Smith's expertise and the Green Witch Approach, River Jade Smithy has infused this piece with a unique blend of artistry and environmental consciousness.
  • Cultural or Artistic Influences: Drawing inspiration from both historical garment evolution and contemporary eco-fashion trends, this T-shirt represents a fusion of past and present, style and sustainability.
  • Legacy or Impact: As a testament to its versatility and timelessness, this T-shirt stands as a symbol of River Jade Smithy's commitment to sustainable fashion and artistic expression.

Description: This long-sleeve T-shirt, available in a range of sizes from 2XS to 7XL, offers two fabric options - Bounce Cotton Jersey and Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey. Each fabric is selected for its environmental friendliness and comfort. The shirt's design is a celebration of both functionality and aesthetic appeal, fitting seamlessly into both casual and sophisticated settings.

Key Features:

  • Material Composition: Choose between a soft, stretchy Bounce Cotton Jersey and a durable, recycled Lifestyle Poly Jersey.
  • Eco-friendly Design: Every T-shirt is crafted with sustainable practices, from material selection to production.
  • Functional Details: Versatile for all seasons, perfect for layering or standalone wear.
  • Ethical Production: Handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring quality and ethical labor practices.
  • Sourcing Ethics: Materials are responsibly sourced, emphasizing eco-friendliness and ethical supply chains.
  • Sizes Available: Inclusive sizing from 2XS to 7XL caters to a diverse range of body types.

Care Instructions: To preserve both the blouse and the environment:

  • Eco-Friendly Option: To maintain both your T-shirt and the planet Hand wash in cold water; hang to dry.
  • Manufacturer's Instruction. To maintain your T-shirt, wash at 86°F, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, and iron reverse size at low heat. Embrace these simple, eco-friendly practices for garment longevity.

Size and Fit: Offered in both regular and slim fit, this T-shirt caters to various body shapes and preferences, ensuring comfort and style for everyone.

Brand Philosophy: River Jade Smithy stands at the intersection of art and environmental stewardship, crafting garments that not only look good but do good. Our commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion is unwavering.

Material Information: Delve into the fabrics that give our T-shirt its distinctive character. At River Jade Smithy, we select materials that are gentle on the environment and your skin.

Bounce Cotton Jersey (5.3 oz): A blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane creates the perfect harmony of softness and stretch. This fabric is single-weft knitted, locally made, and handprinted, making each piece unique. It's an ideal midweight jersey at 5.01oz, offering supreme softness with durability. The fabric boasts Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Ink certification, affirming its environmentally friendly manufacturing process. It's perfect for clothing that demands comfort and style, like soft tees. To maintain its quality, wash at 86°F, use low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, and iron at low heat.

Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey (4.72 oz): Composed of 96% Recycled Polyester and 4% Elastane, this fabric is made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester. It uses sublimation inks for vibrant, durable prints that showcase fine lines and intricate detailing. The fabric is extremely soft to the touch, with a mid-weight feel that resists shrinking, stretching, mildew, and creasing. Adhering to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for dyeing, it reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability. This breathable, quick-dry material is suitable for all weather and offers a cotton-like feel. To enhance its lifespan and maintain print quality, turn the garment inside out before washing at 86°F, do not wring, and iron on the reverse side of the printed area at low heat.

Choosing either of these materials means embracing sustainable art. Each fabric aligns with River Jade Smithy's dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical production. Whether opting for the natural comfort of Bounce Cotton Jersey or the eco-friendly innovation of Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey, your choice contributes to a more sustainable future while ensuring comfort and style.

Product Impact: Your choice of this T-shirt goes beyond fashion. It's a step towards a more sustainable world, supporting ethical manufacturing and responsible consumption.

Stay Updated: Join the River Jade Smithy community to stay informed about the latest in sustainable, art-driven fashion.

Product Measurements: Our detailed size guide ensures a perfect fit, making your T-shirt not just a garment, but a part of your identity.

Fabric Print Options: Each piece reflects the unique artistry of River Jade Smith Travis Huffaker, offering a range of colors and prints that make each T-shirt a work of art.

Integrating with Our Ethical Lifestyle and Eco Goals: This T-shirt is more than just apparel; it's a commitment to a sustainable, ethical lifestyle, championing the values of River Jade Smithy and the Green Witch ethos.

Stay Fresh and Engaged: Our T-shirt collection is continuously evolving, reflecting the dynamic journey of art, fashion, and sustainability. It's not just clothing; it's a movement.

Size Chart

Measure Yourself To Find The Right Size

Measure around your fullest part, with the measuring tape under your armpits, making sure the tape is flat across your back. You can then use the conversion size chart below to find the best fit based on your measurements.

Conversion Size Chart

Size Chest (Inches)
XXS 34.6 - 35.8
XS 36.2 - 37.4
S 37.7 - 38.9
M 39.3 - 40.5
L 40.9 - 42.1
XL 42.5 - 43.7
2XL 44 - 45.2
3XL 45.6 - 46.8
4XL 47.2 - 48.4
5XL 48.8 - 50.7
6XL 51.2 - 53.1
7XL 53.5 - 55.5


T-Shirt (His/They) Manufacturer’s Product Website Reviews at Contrado


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Upon the far green shore, where love does blend,
In Loved 's wisdom, may this message send.
Each word a beacon, a spark of eldritch light,
A tale of hope and honor, to chase the darkest night.
With noble heart, the craft of legend to be,
A Grail's resplendent art, from farthest sea to sea.
Custom gems of beauty, like stars in night's sweep,
Bespoken treasures we shall forge, in dreams to deeply keep.
Like the mightiest wizard's staff, defects we dispel,
In every item's tale, the power of craft, we tell.
In the forging fire's blaze, each jewel anew,
As Loved's own return, let this message be true.
Swift as an eagle's wing, we send gifts to your hand,
The spiraling coil, symbol of hope, across the land.
In the spirit of Print On Demand, to protect the realms we roam,
With eco-friendly hands, we'll build a better home.
In this magical realm, together we shall dwell,
Unique, enchanting designs, their stories we shall tell.
With the Grail Night's valor, and the Smith's expertise,
Together we journey, crafting dreams with ease.
The journey, seamless, as across the fields we tread,
From Earth’s serenity, as the Silvan Sward, where dreams are spread.
In tales of old and new, in words, songs, and deeds,
With the fellowship of hearts, all wounds shall heal.
As the shadow retreats, with the dawn's first kiss,
May we keep the hope alive, and never miss,
The Grail Smith's allure, a treasure, a balm,
A beacon of honor and love, in Loved’s calm.
Beyond the realms of woman or man, we transcend,
In unity we forge, in honor and love, we'll mend.
May this message, like the magic word, endure,
A token of hope and grace, steadfast and pure.
~Scribe of the Mystic Quill